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Poets Spotlight: Sarah Prescott

Updated: May 27, 2022

This weeks poet spotlight is dedicated to the delightful Sarah Prescott. To say that Sarah is a poet would be accurate, though only to an extent. She also writes plays, stories, and much more through the written medium.

She is a true wordsmith and rightly deserves the first of many spotlights. Look out for her work on Instagram: @Sar.arah, and on Miraquill: Sararah, as well as right here on our website. You can also find her self published book of poems here.


About: Sarah Prescott -

My name is Sarah Elizabeth Prescott. I grew up in a quiet, quaint wooded town in Massachusetts. My deepest comfort has always been what my mother showed me, nature. Being disabled, I was forced to miss a lot of school and keeping up with abled bodies was impossible.

My love for film, theater, music, was passed down from my talented father. I found great inspiration from people such as Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Conan Doyle, good classics and all things strange. Ever since I could write I've made hundreds of stories, poems, plays, anything I could share with someone.

I hope my words make people feel, make people cry, make someone know they are not the only one to have thought or felt or done something. My words and actions are direct and forward and flow from my heart. I search within by taking my time traveling this world, falling in love with everything I see that passes.

My passion and power are contagious and I intend to water the whole world one day. ' Poeta nascitur non fit ' ~!


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