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Craftmanship first; The handmade rings of Arcwood Jewelry.

What / who is Arcwood Jewelry?

ARCWOOD JEWELRY is a killer, independent, handmade jewelry brand operating out of Cranston, Rhode Island. Arcwood is sustainability focused, love-of-the-game minded, and full of heart. With their shop launching March 1st, 2023, the brand has created something that both handmade jewelry enthusiasts, and soon-to-be super fans, can get excited about.

In their own words “We make our rings to order using responsibly sourced materials and packaging to reduce the impact on the environment. We like circles but we don’t cut corners”

The LONER team got to sit down with Arcwood's Founder to learn more about the up-and-coming jewelry brand, and here's what he had to say;


Tell us about Arcwood! What is it and who runs it?

Arcwood Jewelry is a handmade jewelry company based in Cranston, RI! We specialize in crafting wooden rings from responsibly sourced materials. We are a made-to-order company tailoring each piece to every customer. The business is run by me, Lincoln, and I’m currently the sole member.

Where did your interest in ring making come from? And to build on that, what inspires your design process?

That’s a good question because it’s such a specific niche to get into. I was scrolling through YouTube one day and came across a video on how to make a wooden ring. I thought it was so awesome that someone could create such a beautiful finished product with simple and humble materials, and it stuck with me. I soon set off trying to do it myself and I haven’t stopped since. I've always gravitated towards art in general from a young age and I even recently received a music degree.

I’ve always held an interest in clean simple designs that didn’t need frills to stand out. It allows the craftsmanship to really shine due to the absence of distractions. Arcwood Jewelry’s timeless style is a fusion of modern and classic themes. The wood makes up the classic half while the clean lines and simple shapes create the modern half.

From our conversation, it feels like you put a lot of love into your material selections. Can you talk about what kinds of materials / wood go into making your ideal ring?

A large part of Arcwood Jewelry is playing our part in running a more sustainable business. Responsible material sourcing is so crucial in running a sustainable company. The supplier I receive my wood from focuses on utilizing scrap material such as furniture off cuts. Every single ring I make comes from a domestic (U.S. native) species of wood.

Many species of exotic wood are overharvested/endangered due to illegal harvesting and lack of proper policy. I chose to stay far away from any exotic wood even if sustainably sourced, as to not promote the overall use of them.

Also, the travel and associated energy consumption is greatly reduced when the material I need is already in the U.S. as opposed to overseas. I aim to show that exotic woods aren't needed to create beautiful pieces. Any future additional materials will either come from a recycled source or be an eco-friendly material in itself.

What do you want people to know about Arcwood when you launch on March 1st?

It’s important to me that people understand my love for this craft as the owner. At the end of the day, the thing that keeps me going isn’t a sale I make, but the recognition I get for the quality of my work, and the lasting impression someone will receive through having one of my products. Arcwood is a business that’s built on the love for creation as well as sustainability.

Where do you see Arcwood a year from now? Are there any goals you’re looking to hit in year one?

I have several ideas where I want Arcwood Jewelry to be within the next year.

First, I want to be able to use at least two materials from local recycled sources other than wood/metal and incorporate them into my catalog of designs.

I also want to expand the customization process outside of sizes and widths with set designs, to more options such as inlay type and location.

Are there any materials or rings you’re looking forward to making in the future?

I recently started working with stained-glass scraps I received from a local glassmaker and I plan on launching a limited series ring called “The Mosaic” using the material at launch. I also really look forward to working with recycled metals and expanding my design catalog to incorporate them.

LONER X Arcwood Giveaway

LONER got the opportunity to partner with the Arcwood Jewelry team for the launch of Issue 10. One lucky magazine buyer will win a handmade ring from Arcwood and, one person who purchases a piece from Arcwood pot launch will receive a free LONER mega-bundle. If you're a longtime reader of LONER, this isn't something you'll want to miss.


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