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Colorful Lights

A magazine made by artists, for creative people...

about projects that make the world a better place.

Independent publishing since 2018 with readers
in 8 countries.

Bundles include - hoodies, tee shirts the LONER motel keychain, art prints and a sticker pack

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Every pre-order of Issue 10
Enters you into a giveaway for a 

free ring from Arcwood Jewelry

A fantastic brand in Rhode Island launching their shop March 1. 

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Feeling like you have no one in your corner is hard.

"When I started LONER I was a lonely, artsy, skater kid without direction. What kept me going was knowing that I wanted to spend this life making as many beautiful things as I could.  

Now, all these years later I'm happy to use this platform to give other creative people what LONER gave to me - a likeminded community that really gives a F**k about watching you succeed..."


Artist & Founder, LONER Magazine

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