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Deep Dives

Welcome to LONER's

What is this resource? 

A big part of LONER’s work and publishing is fueled by research. We have a love for finding obscure concepts and digging into them as deeply as we can.

The Deep Dives are for people who like to get lost in research and exploration too. Here, we’ll regularly update interesting topics with links, resources, videos and think pieces - making it easy for you to begin your research journey as well.

But, it’s important to note that all media and research comes with bias. Our goal is to collect and share, not create an echo chamber for people to get stuck in. Where we can, we’ll include literature that opposes what we personally feel about some of the topics, so that you can make your own decisions - (as long as that literature does not actively seek to harm or exploit people).

We accept submissions for Deep Dives, and would love to hear what you’d be interested in us covering!

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