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Artificial Intelligence in relation to creative work - Deep Dives

What are the LONER Deep Dives?

What is Artificial intelligence

Links and Materials:

LONER | Why is Ai "art" making creators so uncomfortable? A curators POV.

Wikipedia | What is Midjourney:

Medium | Evolution of Midjourney. What is Midjourney, and how can you use it?

Daily Art | AI in Art: What Does It Mean?

MSN | What to know about Lensa, and why some push back on it?

Wired | What You Should Know Before Using the Lensa AI App & terms of service

Wired | ‘Magic Avatar’ App Lensa Generated Nudes From My Childhood Photos

NYT | An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy.

Built In | Can AI Make Art More Human?

CBS | What is Lensa, the AI-generated art app that’s gone viral online?

NBC | Lensa... Many artists question the ethics of AI art.

One off posts

Twitter | Ai and the translation industry:

Twitter | Ai and Data Privacy (thread)

Twitter | How to identify AI generated art:

Twitter | Ai database used to recreate artist's work

Tumblr | Secret Mellow Blog -On the mainstream indifference towards creators:

Tumblr | AI and Face Id / Data Security:

Tumblr | The limitations of ChatGPT for education essay writing:

Tumblr | Thoughts on positively using AI to improve your artwork:

Memes & Screenshots:


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