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Small Spaces, Big Sound: Secret Sounds Boston's Inaugural show

Updated: May 27, 2022

Secret Sounds Boston's Inaugural show on Saturday, September 11th was their first ever event. With Adam Greenberg, the shows coordinator, at its helm, the show was an astounding success.

The Loner Team got the chance to attend the show at Breathe Cambridge, a yoga studio/intimate concert venue. The space itself was cozy and lent itself to the friendly atmosphere that the musicians provided. The size of the space allowed the performers to engage heavily with the audience, leading to highly energized show. From shoes off to shoes on (no shoes in the studio) the experience was one that I'm sure will be the start of an incredible run for SSB.

An eclectic mixture of performances, ranging from Madagascar influenced R&B, to faith based, empowering hip-hop, to light hearted, passionate indie rock. Though differing in sound, the performances blended to create a one of a kind show.

Niu Raza was the first to play and now has the privilege of being SSB's first ever performer, to which Adam seemed proud. Her ensemble consisted of herself on vocals and a guitarist (Doully Yang). This duo set the tone of intimacy and vulnerability with the chemistry between the two radiating warmth.

The songs performed had a heavy emphasis on self discovery and grounding. Niu, as the writer of her songs, deeply engages the audience with her incredible storytelling. Her performance was riddled with participation as she gave the audience the chance to sing along and create the harmonies. Her songs span a range of emotions, from the passionate grasping of things being lost to the serene ecstasies of island life. By the end of her set I was undoubtedly a serious fan.

Caleb McCoy's sound was one that resonates with the soul. His songs are alive with experience and speak to the listener about spiritual development through personal conflict. Caleb is an individual that chooses to better himself through his experiences, using his art as a way to express himself and encourage others to do the same.

The performance was also full of stories and anecdotes that added

context to the lyrics and let the audience become a part of the experience. I left the show feeling as though I had made a new friend.

The night ended with an electric showing from The Q-Tip Bandits. The fast paced music and incredible energy from the band had the entirety of the audience up and on their feet throughout their set. Their outfit consists of singer/lead guitarist (Leo Son), basist (Claire Davis) , drummer (Dakota Maykrantz), and trumpeter (Maclin Tucker) -I'm a sucker for a band with a trumpet.

As the headlines of the show, they did not disappoint, with a set list comprised of their own songs and a few covers, The Q Tip Bandits rounded out the night on an incredibly high note. Their music took the show in an entirely new direction, from an intimate, relaxing night to an instant and insatiable dance party. Their stage presence was near perfect; with harmonic chemistry as a band, they infected the audience with a bright and bubbly invigoration, and a need to get on our feet.

Each of these performances alone would have given me faith in Adam's ability to curate a great show, all three in the same night ensured an unforgettable experience.

Secret Shows Boston, along with all of the bands who performed, are all aspects of Boston's music scene that you won't want to miss.

As a team, The LONERs and I would love to thank all of the bands for giving us the time to chat, for the fine folks at Breathe Cambridge for hosting and bringing forth such a wonderful atmosphere, and of course to Adam Greenberg for putting together such an amazing show and allowing us to be there. Secret Shows Boston is sure to become a staple of our musical city.


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