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Takeshi Hosaka's Concrete Home - 'Love 2 House'

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

In 2019, Takeshi Hosaka, a Japanese architect, finished construction on his second home “Love2 House” (an homage to Love House of course).

Takeshi ideates under his personal practice, Takeshi Hosaka Architects (founded in 2004), based out of Tokyo Japan. During his time with THA his practice has undertaken interior, landscape, architectural and product design projects.

Love2 House is a small concrete domicile that is gently sandwiched between other, larger apartment buildings in Japan. The home was built on an approximately 317.8 sqft plot and has a floor area of 204.5 square feet.

Made just for him and his wife, the architect aimed to create a “small space which possesses everything in it” emphasizing a connection with natural elements like sunshine, rain, snow, plants and people. When looking at images of the home, it seems to mix comfortable, cozy home aesthetics with eco-brutalist themes.

In a conversation with ArchDaily in 2019, Takeshi explains his inspiration by saying: “The ancient Romans place importance on 5 components as ideal life in the villa; Learning, Bath, Drama, Music, and Epicurism.I desired to enrich these 5 components in this small house of 18.84m.”

Love2 House contrasts how we traditionally look at building homes, especially in the United States where larger homes are highly sought after. Instead of buying surrounding plots of land, and expanding the home to have a bigger yard and 2 or 3+ floors, Takeshi used minimalism in the building’s design and materials to bring in the outside.

This focus on the natural world seemingly reconnects the couple with something that we traditionally lose inside of our (modern) homes - the world around us.

We hope you enjoyed this shorter piece, if you get a chance, please explore more of Takeshi Hosaka Architects’ projects. This will certainly not be the last time we write about them.


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