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The Colorful sketchbooks of Director Masaaki Yuasa

"I think I would say in general it’s all about symbolism, say natural disasters, different climates. But I want to make their world simpler, as simple as possible." - Maasaki Yuasa, for

Masaaki Yuasa is a Japanese director, screenwriter, and animator well known for his work at Science Saru – an animation studio he co-founded in 2013. Alongside Masaaki's work at Science Saru, he's also well known for his director work at Studio Madhouse.

Masaaki is an artist with a lot of energy, talent and enthusiasm - and while we could go on and on about some of the specific pieces Masaaki is known for, something we particularly love about Masaaki is his fluid and colorful sketchbooks.

When you really sit with Masaaki's sketchbook illustration - you can see how deeply imaginative this artist is. As both a director and key animator, Masaaki's deep understanding of composition and storytelling is inspiring.

At the root of it - Masaaki's sketches are fun and inspiring, and makes me want to put more color and movement into my own sketchbooks.

We hope you get inspired by these pieces just as much as we did. Most of the images are sourced from - a crazy good blog that’s been documenting artbooks since the mid 2000's.

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