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To Neverland and Back: Dru Flecha's Upcoming Releases Share the Journey of Self Discovery

Updated: May 27, 2022

Friday Oct. 29th marks 2 highly anticipated single releases for LA based Artist, Dru Flecha. (Featured in LONER 42)

Born in Venezuela, the artist embarked early on a life of travel. She recalls listening to music with her father, traveling around the Caribbean with her mother, and loving the feeling of being around family for cookouts. unfortunately, as political affairs in Venezuela became unstable, Dru was forced to leave the country at the age of 12.

At this point in her life Dru moved to Paris with her mother, leading her down a Rabbit-hole into her own personal version of Neverland.

The life she found in Paris was fast paced and adventurous - and the romantic city lived up to its hype.

Dru quickly fell in love with the night life. This energy is encapsulated in her single "Animal". The upbeat track depicts the ravenous mentality of going all out night and letting loose. This song is tailor made for late nights out with friends.

While a life of partying in such a landmark city, for a time, excited Dru, it couldn't last forever. Dru even goes so far as to refer to that part of her life as "an ex lover" - and knew eventually she would have to move on.

After 5 years of living Paris, Dru found herself moving to Los Angeles, California where she now resides. This change in pace also finds itself in the newly released "Cayendo", a single that epitomizes the turning point she felt in moving to LA. The song reflects slowing down and falling in love; leaving the "animal" behind for a more relaxed lifestyle.

LA is also where she said she had begun to find herself again; and though it is an on going and active process, she knows now that she's on the right path.

Towards the end of the interview, I asked Dru "for those young women and men finding themselves in a "Neverland", looking to connect back to themselves, what advice can you share?" She told me...

"I would tell them to be patient. Take the positives out of what your learning and focus on that." ... "There were times where I thought 'I hate this' and 'I want to leave' but now I find that I miss it."

Though she found parts of her journey frustrating and often less than ideal, Dru looks back now knowing that even though they felt negatively in the past, every moment can be valuable. "Take everything in life as a lesson; go through life knowing that you're learning, even if it's something back. When you're lost, you'll know what it's like to feel lost so you'll appreciate when you're not."

Patience and Gratefulness are two things that Dru Flecha left with me after our conversation. The message of her singles are ones that everyone can take from and learn a bit more about themselves.

The release was also coupled with a horror themed short film for the halloween weekend. This video can be found on youtube.


Make sure to stream her two singles "Cayendo" and "Animal" on all platforms on Friday Oct. 29th. She can also be found on Instagram and Twitter. Dru's release is also in affiliation and collaboration under the collective NoLoveOutWest.


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