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An Introduction to the Thinkers to Think About

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The realm of intellectual spiritualism and academia, or just regular intellectualism, is an increasingly hard field to break into, even if the goal is only to educate yourself. Often times, when trying to learn more about a specific person or concept, we're firewalled by the prerequisites of the history in that field leading up to it. This can be a major deterrent for folks who either don't feel like, or don't have the time or opportunity, to do all the heavy lifting and necessary ground work. This series will be a loving attempt to remedy that. I have spent many years obsessively pouring myself into these topics that have yet to find their way into the mainstream. Topics such as philosophy, the esoteric, and the down right weird. The first installation is about a man named Robert Anton Wilson, and to use that piece as an example, I go into his history and how he got where did, what he did while he was there (the bulk of the writing) and finally where he left us and why we love him so much. Think of this series as a way to gauge different topics and ideas to broaden your horizons. If any of these pieces interest you in the slightest and you'd like to learn more, I can be found on any major platform except facebook (sorry Zuck) under my name: Jake Alcott.


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