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Thinkers to Think About: Carl Jung

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

"We can no longer practice any psychology that ignores the existence of the unconscious or of parapsychology."

Carl Jung is an Swiss psychologist and psycho-analyst who pioneered the study and art of analytic psychology. His work has lead to the self-discovery of millions of people world round. Jung's work is most popularly known through dream interpretations, psychological archetypes, and his most famous, Shadow Work. Jung has written a litany of books covering his beliefs and understandings including: "The Undiscovered Self" in which he details the relationships between the individual and the self, as well as the dynamics that society and religion play upon the individual and the self, "Dreams" in which he maps out the analysis of dreams and the practical use of them in regards to uncovering the hidden unconscious, and "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" an autobiography, co-written by Aniela Jaffé which gives the reader a detailed inside look at his early life, as well as his own recollections of his work and his own spiritual and psychic journey. Carl Jung, as a successor of Sigmund Freud, has the tendency to turn people away before they even get the chance to start, but rest assured, where Freud hammers home his points in self satisfied conviction (even when horribly mislead) Jung takes his journey to much farther reaching tides with an open mind and an earnest attempt to understand. Carl Jung has a permanent place set aside in my mind and on my bookshelf.


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